Pre-planning Your Move: Things to Keep in Mind

Pre-planning Your Move: Things to Keep in Mind

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Fitting your life into boxes is the hardest part in moving from one place to another. Moving means taking the valuables and essentials while discarding the unneeded things. Planning will play a huge role in making sure that you have an organised move. From picking out what to discard to finding a reliable moving company in Port Stephens, we compiled a few important tips to help you.

Keep a moving folder

It is important that all your moving details can be found in one place. Everything related to your move should be kept in one file so it can be easily accessed. You don’t want your moving contract and receipts lost in the clutter. A multi-pocketed folder will help you organise your moving details. Business cards, brochures, and other important reminders can be slipped into the folders many pockets. It will also be handy if you keep a digital folder of your moving details that can be easily accessed from your laptop or phone.

Calculate moving costs

Before dreaming of buying new furniture, discarding the old ones, and contacting a moving company, it is important to calculate your moving costs first. Think about your budget or the limit of what you are planning to spend and make sure that you abide by it. Whether you are hiring a professional moving company or taking the do-it-yourself approach, there are a lot of expenses along the way. Every moving decision comes with a price tag so it is best to plan ahead properly.

Go on a shopping diet

Months before your move, do not go on unnecessary shopping trips anymore. This will not only help your budget but your peace of mind too. If you have a stockpile of household essentials, use them up so they don’t add up to the things that you will pack. It will also help you get rid of items you can do without before the big move.

Time to purge

Go through all your belongings and ask yourself if you really need each one of them. Even if your next location provides a lot of space, streamlining can bring a fresh start. For the items that you can do without, have a garage sale or sell them online. If you don’t need the extra bucks, donate them to friends or people in need. Trim down your items before the packing process.

Paring is a separate process on its own. Allot ample time for paring so you can still find a good way to get them off your hands. Once the unnecessary stuff is out of the way, you will find it easier to pack your belongings.

Make your moving checklist

Take note of all your belongings. Have a list of things that will go to different boxes. It will be easier to label a box that’s full of household items than a mixture of everything. Make sure that you take note of the things that you will carry with you and not with the movers. Some people forget to take note of these things then end up without the essentials because they are with the moving truck.

Search for a reliable Port Stephens moving company

Trust us, it is easier and more cost efficient to hire professional movers that doing it on your own. Before you sign up with the first one you see, make sure that you search for options. It is better to hire local professional movers because the distance cost will be relatively lower. Remember to hire moving companies that are accredited members of the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). Each moving company has different terms from another. Ask for their terms and estimates so you will be informed properly.

Whether you are planning to move in the next months or in the coming years, keep in mind our tips to help you plan ahead. Pre-planning your move ensures an organised and less stressful relocation.