Packing Supplies Checklist

Packing Supplies Checklist

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Whether you are moving to a new place, renovating your home, or simply have to pack some of your possessions and furniture for storage, packing can be stressful and tiring. There are a lot of things to look into, like how you are going to organise your packing, checking if it is done properly and safely, and making sure that everything is accounted for. It is best to hire professional movers, but it is also important that you know the packing supplies essentials that will help you make the entire process easier.

Here is a checklist of the supplies that will come in handy when packing.


The most important of all your packing supplies is of course, boxes. Small boxes are ideally used for small, heavy, items such as books. Medium boxes are all-purpose boxes for everything from toys to ornaments. Large boxes are for lightweight bulky objects and furniture.

There are also specialty moving boxes you can buy which are designed and made specifically for packing certain household items. Some examples are mirror or picture frame boxes, dish or barrel boxes, lamp boxes, guitar boxes, mattress boxes, and more.

When buying boxes, make sure that the quality will suit the demands of the objects you are planning on using the for, some items will require heavy-duty boxes. You can use second-hand or used boxes which you can get from grocery or liquor stores, or from people who have just completed a move. Just make sure that they are sturdy and undamaged. If you doubt the strength of the box to hold your things, it can still be used in place of corrugated cardboard to protect fragile items inside boxes, or as a pad for the floor when moving heavy furniture. Corrugated cardboard is important for items such as your drinking glasses, ceramics, or porcelain because it provides extra protection and secures them in place.

Wrapping paper

It is better to buy wrapping paper than to use newspaper and have your hands and items dirty and stained with ink. This is best for your kitchenware and china so that you do not have to wash your things again after moving.

Bubble wrap

Invest in bubble wrap to protect important items which may break during moving, such as your television, mirrors, and artwork. You might also want to use packing peanuts to fill in items that are too fragile.

Blankets and other linens

If you are trying to save money, or just ran out of bubble wrap or wrapping paper, you can use blankets and other linens such as curtains, bed sheets, or towels to protect your more fragile items. This is also one practical way to pack your sheets instead of folding them up together in one box.

Garbage bags

To save on boxes, you can use garbage bags for large, lightweight items such as pillows and stuffed toys. Just make sure to label them to avoid being mistaken as trash.

Furniture covers and stretch wraps

It is important to protect furniture, especially upholstery, like your couch from dirt. Stretch wraps can also be used for furniture pieces of irregular shapes.

Other important accessories

Put all these in a container easily within reach when packing because these are the essential tools and accessories you will use frequently.

Ropes and bungee cords – Use these to tie boxes or secure shut cabinets doors and other items.

Scissors – Make sure they are large and heavy duty enough for cutting different materials, from wrapping paper, bubble wraps to cardboards.

Duct tape or packing tape – You will need a lot of these to secure your boxes.

Tape dispenser – This will come in handy after all the tape using and cutting you would do. If you still do not have one at home, now would be the best time to buy one and make the use of tape a lot easier.

Masking tape, paper, or stickers – Choose a labelling method that would work for you and stock up on these items. Some people would also use colour-coded stickers or indicators in their boxes assigned to a specific room of the house.

Permanent marker – This is the most important tool when it comes to labelling so make sure your markers write well and do not smear or wash away.

Cutter – Keep a cutter or knife within reach because it is important when you need to tear open your boxes or another packaging.

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